BJP Leader Attacked By R&B Official in Bandipora

BJP Leader Attacked By R&B Official in Bandipora


Bandipora, June 27(KG): A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State BJP coordinator for Kashmir province, Syed Umer sultan was attacked by executive engineer (R&B) department, Abdul Hamid along with a local Contractor Naseer Ahmad Mir in Bandipora at that time when he visited the R&B office for checking the status of Grievence filed by him before a year and till date no response has been shown from the department.

Syed Umar in a statement said that the incident took place “when he went the office to check the status of application which was filed by him for the upgradation of drainage system in Bandipora District which was also assented by the then District Devlopement commissioner Bandipora and was forwarded to the R&B department for the consideration before a long ago.

Umer said while having a conversation with the said official of R&B Department about his application. The said officer and with a local contractor Naseer Ahmad Mir abused me and striked me with a sharp iron rode.

The said persons also Shouted  Anti-national slogans & also used obscene words about me and Nation and my Party . Umer further said, If I had not security personals with me, their intention was to take my life.

They put blows on me many times with an iron rode with the intention to kill me but fortunately because of the Security personals I was able to save my life.

Umar, Appeals to the Administration that FIR should be lodged Against the said officer along with a local Contractor for chanting Anti-National slogans, and also to put a reasonable apprehension on my mind for taking my life and liberty according to the relevant provisions of the law.


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