Killing Of A Civilian: Son Seeks Punishment For The Infamous Govt Gunman Papa Kishtwari

Killing Of A Civilian: Son Seeks Punishment For The Infamous Govt Gunman Papa Kishtwari

Srinagar: A lone protester Zahoor Ahmed Mir from Nishat area of Srinagar outskirts staged a protest here at Press Enclave Srinagar demanding stern punishment to infamous gunman Papa Kishtwari for killing his father.
Ali Mohammad Mir, a Contractor by profession, who, according to Zahoor was tortured and killed by notorious government gunman Papa Kishtiwari and his associates.
Ali Mohammad Mir was resident of Brein Nishat in Srinagar outskirts.
“I staged this protest demonstration to remind the world of our struggle of much-awaited justice,” Mir’s son Zahoor Ahmad told news agency KNT.
Kishtiwari who is accused of committing heinous crimes, including killing of innocent civilians when he was shielded by government during the hey-days of militancy is languishing in jail. Ikhwani is a name given to a dreaded pro-government outfit that operated in Kashmir late nineties to crush militancy in Kashmir.
Zahoor Mir said that Kishtwari was arrested by police and he is thankful for this to them. “What I want justice now and the killer should taste the power of law,” he said adding that his father was butchered by Kishtwari 24 years ago in 1996.
“We were unable to get the body of our beloved one. Kishtwari after killing him dumped somewhere and till date we don’t know where the body of my father lies,” Mir said.
He appealed the international and justice bodies to work for DNA testing of 2156 unmarked Graves” approved by the then state Human Rights Commission. (KNT)


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