CUJ fails to come upto NIRF ranking, NSF demands replacement of present VC by appointing incharge VC

CUJ fails to come upto NIRF ranking, NSF demands replacement of present VC by appointing incharge VC



National Secular Forum (NSF) has once again accused the VC, CUJ for tarnishing the prestigious image of Central University of Jammu, who has failed on many frontal issues of varsity due to his inefficiency and ineffectiveness
Addressing a press conference, Dr Vikas Sharma, NSF President said that that people of Jammu never ever visualized in their mind nor even in their worst dreams that the struggle and fight which they did in 2011 to get prestigious Central University of Jammu for dogras will go in vain with university failing in NIRF ranking under his administrative control. He said that due to slackness of incumbent VC, Central University Jammu could not find place in first 200 places which is a utter shame for the VC of CUJ who has destroyed the university for his personal and vested interests.
Dr Vikas Sharma lashed with strong words that while other Universities of the state managed to achieve ranking in the top 100 and 50 universities in the country, CUJ being run by a VC of the so called Management background could not even come closer to the ranking of other Universities in the state and failed miserably in NIRF indicators.
It has come to the notice of the NSF that many efforts were made by the CUJ administration to falsely portray the numbers of students, facilities and services available to the students for getting better NIRF ranking but all these falsified statements couldn’t make much impact,Dr.Vikas said adding that It has also been learned that whatever data is being supplied by CUJ administration to any of the organization never matches with the data previously shared by them and in certain cases same information was repeatedly sent twice which was absolutely incoherent and smacked of inefficiency and careless attitude of university administration. He further said that all this has happened because of reckless VC’s habit of banking upon on the shoulder of few blue eyed people in varsity , who in turn  collectively brought down the name and fame of Central University of Jammu which resulted in degrading the quality of teaching with academic affairs and other infrastructure in the University bringing at the lowest level.
NSF has also demanded for revalidation of the certification by accreditation bodies like NAAC and AICTE who were even deceived by the VC and his allies. Referring the sources, Dr. Vikas said that while the NAAC and AICTE teams were on visit to the CUJ campus, the same rooms were first shown as classrooms and then as faculty rooms and later laboratories by changing the placards every time they were around the different floors of the administrative building. Records of one department were copied and shown as seperately for various departments. Computer systems of ICT lab were interchangeably shown off as Language Labs, Activity Labs and Innovation Labs. In a sheer act of misleading the accreditation agencies, the VC has failed in NAAC accreditation also by getting only B+ grade, while the counterpart University of Jammu, got A+.
NSF demands immediate removal of the VC who has not been able to make this university at par with other central universities and state universities and also demands appointment of the new/acting vice chancellor to replace the present VC to save the prestigious institute .(Kashmir Glacier)


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