Treatment for COVID-19

Treatment for COVID-19

The nature and effects of the corona virus are very different from those of the flu virus, but the flu virus can be helpful in understanding the spread of the virus to some extent. No one knows f or sure when and where the flu virus spread, but researchers say the influenza virus probably appeared in Asia in the 16th century and then spread to Africa and Europe. The death toll from the corona virus has risen to nearly four lakh thirty thousand. According to the World Health Organization, the virus may never be eradicated from the world. The key question then is what can be the solution to this problem?
There is still little information available about the corona virus, so no definitive decision can be made on whether a person who survives the virus may be infected again, but experts say Mutations in the newcorona virus are very rapid and it is very possible that people infected with the virus may not get f ull immunity from the newcorona virus. The flu virus is undergoing a very rapid mutation and therefore complete immunity to the virus is not possible, meaning that the virus will make you sick and then after a while you may become infected again.
There are four types of influenza viruses, of which type A, B and C infect humans, while type four infects animals. Corona virus effects on different people. Influenza type A viruses include H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1 and many more. Birds are a natural source of type A influenza, and the virus is usually transmitted to humans through poultry and has the potential to become epidemic. There is only one species of the type B influenza virus and this virus usually attacks only humans. So far, type B influenza has been found only in cells and ferrets other than humans. Influenza C is just one of the epidemics, and although it has been epidemic in many places, it is rare compared to the spread of type A and type B influenza. So far, type B influenza has been found only in cells and ferrets other than humans. Influenza C is just one of the epidemics, and although it has been epidemic in many places, it is rare compared to the spread of type A and type B influenza. There is only one species of type D influenza but it only affects cows and pigs. Although the virus has the potential to infect humans, it has not yet done so.
Various possible solutions to the corona virus is. Different strategies f or corona virus are being considered. Some expert s say t hat t he immediate development of a vaccine will be effective in preventing t he spread of t he virus, while some expert s believe t hat t he spread of t he virus will not be stopped by t he vaccine. At t he moment , plasma is being extracted from t he blood of infected people and transplanted into new patient s and ways such as herd immunity are also under discussion.
I s Herd immunity treatment In medical terms, herd immunity means that an epidemic is allowed to spread and people def eat the disease with their immune system. Viruses that infect a person only once can be an effective way to fight them. The downside of this method is that many people who have a weakened immune system or who f ail t o def eat t he virus are killed in t he process. In addition, t he basic quest ions about t his corona virus procedure are: What if t he corona virus has the potential t o re-attack a recovering patient?
Plasma Treatment When a virus enters a person, the human immune system counteracts it and produces antibodies in t he body, meaning complete in format ion on how t o deal with the virus. So that if the virus reinvades, it can be dealt with immediately. I f t he blood plasma of a patient who defeat s t he virus is transfused to another patient, that is, if the new patient’s immune system is given information about def eating the virus, the patient can recover quickly. But t his method is very expensive and labor intensive and in case of an epidemic, using it requires a lot of resources. Plasma treatment involves obtaining blood from a person recovering from the corona virus and then transferring the isolated plasma to the critical patient. Plasma is actually a transparent part of the blood that is obtained by separating blood cells. Plasma contains antibodies and other proteins. Transmission of plasma containing antibodies provides t he sick person with ‘passive immunity’ to fight t he disease.
However, a dysfunctional immune system usually last s only a few weeks or months. Importantly, anyone donating plasma must have some tests before they can be diagnosed, such as being diagnosed with corona virus and coronavirus and other respiratory viruses when donating plasma, as well as hepat it is B. Test s f or viruses, hepat it is C virus, HI V and syphilis must be negative. Plasma donors must be healthy in every way f or at least 1 0 days with an abundance of specific antibodies to the corona virus.
Vaccine Scientist s around the world are currently developing a vaccine f or t he corona virus. But in addition t o vaccine preparation, testing, result s and side effects, their approval from various medical institutions is a long process. Even if a vaccine for the corona virus is developed, it can take months for it t o become available, and in t he meantime the virus can infect large human populations.
Work is underway to develop a global vaccine for the coronavirus. Because it is a newvirus, it is currently being treated with traditional methods. Medications are used t o keep the patient’s immune system active. So that the immune system fights the virus and the patient recovers. However, health experts expect that a vaccine for this new strain of the virus will be discovered by the end of this year. Earlier however, medical experts preferred traditional therapies to deal with the threat.
According t o expert s, people who have a weakened immune system. They may be more susceptible t o t he virus. The death rate from this virus is very low but it spreads very fast. There are also vaccines for some of the virus-causing diseases that are being used very successfully to prevent these diseases. They have been trying, but so far they have not had much success in developing a vaccine to prevent the disease.
Since there is no vaccine to prevent this disease and the exact treatment is not yet known, we can only protect ourselves to some extent by taking precautions. In this regard, Social Distancing is very important to prevent the disease. Social distance means staying at home as much as possible, avoiding handshakes or hugs. Keep a distance of at least one meter or three feet from the other person, avoid gatherings, avoid unnecessary travel, keep women and children at home, do not let children go out for play, avoid going to the markets. Also, limit your participation. Do not go to the hospital in case of minor illness. If you have to go to the hospital, wear basic protection mask, sanitizer, gloves and do not have more than one person with the patient.
As long as possible, wear a face mask. Until a few weeks ago, it was thought that the virus would not stay in the air, so it was said that if you are healthy, using a mask in general will not be beneficial for you. But later observations have shown that the virus stays in the air for a while, so now everyone is advised to wear a mask, especially if you have symptoms of the common cold or you have corona or You need to sit very close to someone or you have gone to the market due to some urgent need etc. or you are one of the medical staff you can wear normal surgical mask. N- 95 mask is required when the medical staff is very careful or Working in a special care unit or undergoing a special procedure. Dispose of the mask properly in the dust bin after use. You can also try to prevent this disease by boosting your body’s immune system.
For t his purpose, a balanced diet should be used. As if t he diet consist s of junk food and use more fruit s such as malt , lentils, lemons and vegetables in it. Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. It is best to take a sip of lukewarm water after an hour or half an hour. Then walk or do some exercise indoors daily. You should also pay at tention to your comfort. In t his regard, we should remember this instruction of the beloved Hazrat Anwar Eida Allah Bansara Al- Aziz, “Then we should also pay at tention to our comfort to increase the immunity of our body. Get children in t he habit of going t o bed early and getting up early. After eight t o nine hours of sleep”. Then avoid eating groceries. Especially packet s of barley chips. If t here is a deficiency in t he body, such as vitamins B, C, D, t hyroid hormone, then medicine or food should be used to remove it. If there is any permanent disease, then its treatment should be continued regularly. At t he same time, since it is a lung disease, smoking should be avoided completely.
Allah knows best how far this epidemic will spread and how far it will go, what is the destiny of Allah Almighty. But if this disease is appearing due to the wrath of Allah Almighty and in that time we will see there are various epidemics, diseases, earthquakes, storms which have increased a lot after the revelation of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). I should pay special at tention to prayers.

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