Sarpanch’s Kin left as dejected lot; Awaits financial help for survival

Sarpanch’s Kin left as dejected lot; Awaits financial help for survival

“The deceased’s family outcries favouritism by the JK administration while announcing the ex-gratia”

Anantnag: The family of Sarpanch namely Syed Rafi hails from Hakura village of Dooru in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district who was killed during the back to village programme in Higher Secondary School Hakura accused the Jammu and Kashmir UT administration for favouritism while announcing an ex-gratia for the deceased families.
The widow of the deceased Sarpanch in an emotional tune said that the Government has announced an ex-gratia of one lac rupees on the death of her husband who served as Congress and recently the same Government announced a package of about twenty Lacs to the deceased’s family.
During Back to Village Programme in November Last Year, He was killed after Militants Hurled Grenade on school.
Since then the family faced lot of Hardship to Fulfil Daily needs as they have no other alternative to earn money for the family.
The Sarpanch left behind his wife, three minor children and an old aged mother as there is no one to earn the livelihood for the family.
Late Syed Rafi was the head and the only bread owner for the family. After his death, the family is left in hard times as there is no one from the administration or the Congress party which could look after the family of the deceased leader.
Sarpanch’s wife Summi Jan while exclusively talking to Kashmir Glacier said that, “Soon after his death authorities provided us an Ex-Gratia of Rs. One Lakh and no other help was provided. We continue to face great difficulties in order to meet the two ends of life.” Adding, “My husband was killed on duty during Back to Village Programme.”
She further said that just like other victims our family should also be help by Government. Adding, “I am unable to meet the expenses of my children. I am not able to manage education and food to my children. I am not even able to manage to buy the lifesaving drugs for my ailing mother at the present times and this is our unfortunate ordeal after the death of my husband.”
“He sacrificed his life to Congress party but they also are not help us in our tough times” She told Kashmir Glacier,
“I am very happy to see the family of Ajay Bharti who were given an amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs but I am here to protest the double standards played by the administration as both of the deceased were from the same party,” Adding, “There is a discriminative approach used by the JK UT administration while granting the Ex-Gratia to victim’s families”, Summi told Kashmir Glacier
Meanwhile, Ajay Bharti Congress Sarpanch was killed in a militant attack in Lukbhawan, Anantnag in South Kashmir on 8 June this year the J&K administration has given 20 lakh ex-gratia to Bharti’s family
“The family of Rafi was given One Lakh as ex-gratia from J&K Administration” said SDM Dooru Ghulam Rasool
However the family appealed the Jammu and Kashmir Governor to announce an adequate ex-gratia and a Government job to the next kin of the family. (Kashmir Glacier)


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