Forest Conservator inspects works of forest division Ganderbal.

Forest Conservator inspects works of forest division Ganderbal.


SRINAGAR  JUNE(KG)Srinagar forest conservator Shri Zubair Ahmad carried out a detailed inspection of CAMPA works (2019-2020) in Sindh Forest Division of Ganderbal.

During the Visit He was accompanied by DFO Sindh Mr Ovais Farooq Mir, ACF Sindh Mr Danish Khan, RO Sindh, RO Manasbal, RO Harran-Shallabugh, RO Soil, RO Control and other field staff,the Team visited Co.69/Sindh, Co.10/Mbl, Malhar High Tech Nursery, and Biodiversity Park Dagpora Harran and also visited Forest Control Room at Kijpora.

The Conservator took detailed review of CAMPA Works that have been completed up till 31st March 2020. He took stock of health of biota in different CAMPA closures and passed on spot instructions to field staff.

In Malhar nursery directions were given to concerned officers for up-gradation of nursery and operations for production of best quality saplings which can give higher survival and growth.

The staff was directed to accord preference to local species and collection of seeds from best known local sources.

The Conservator also took review meeting regarding status of encroachments in the division and conveyed that various anti-encroachment drives have been carried out in the division wherein various encroachment attempts have been foiled.

Zubair passed instructions to officials that such drives should be intensified and the total forest land retrieved during such drives be subtracted from the data pertaining to total area under encroachment.


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