Mayor Propagated ‘Corruption’ in Corporation ‘Majority of Corporator unhappy with Matuu’

Mayor Propagated ‘Corruption’ in Corporation ‘Majority of Corporator unhappy with Matuu’


Srinagar, June 13: There will be a floor test on Monday in Srinagar

Municipal Corporation. Incumbent Mayor Junaid Azim Matuu against whom a No Confidence Motion has been moved by over 40 Corporators has to prove his majority. In case, he fails to do so, elections will be held for the post of Mayor within a month and a new Mayor will be installed.

It is the Zakura Coporator Waheed Dar who has brought this No Confidence Motion. While talking to news agency KNT, Dar said that
he filed this no-confidence motion which was accepted by the Commissioner. “There will be a floor test on Monday and hopefully, the incumbent Mayor who is the source of ‘corruption’ in the municipality will be shown door,” Dar said.

He gave multiple reasons for the disillusionment and said that over 50 Corporators will support the No Confidence Motion. “The incumbent Mayor propagated corruption in the Corporation. There has been 0% development in the Wards which are represented by Corporators. No Corporator has spent anything for the development in their Wards,” he said.

Dar said that there was a project for lights worth Rs 65 crore. “The Mayor provided 110 watt lights to their own people and didn’t care to install them where those were needed. If you visit Dargh-Shalimar road, you will find 24 Watt Street lights installed there. 110 Watt light for friends and 24 Watt for common people, this is disgusting,” he said.

He said Mayor encouraged illegal constructions and didn’t do anything to check the menace. “Rampant use of polythene is another biggest problem while despite repeated pleas, nothing was done to eradicate this problem,” he said.

He said all the Corporators are unhappy with the functioning of Mayor Office and his behavior has annoyed everyone. (KNT)


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