Protests erupted in South Kashmir over setup of CRPF bunker in South Kashmir

Protests erupted in South Kashmir over setup of CRPF bunker in South Kashmir

Srinagar: The locals from Sarnal area of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district registered their protest by blocking the road after Para-military troopers set up new bunker in the area.
The protestors were demanding the removal of the said bunker citing the discomfort in movement of locals in the area. It was also said that the need to set up of new bunker won’t serve any purpose as the situation always remain peaceful in the area.
On a telephonic conversation with Kashmir Glacier correspondent one of the inhabitant of the area said, “Our areas was always peaceful and by setting up new bunkers will bring great inconvenience to the people living in the area.”
The people however demanded the demolition of the said bunker as soon as possible by the competent authorities keeping in view of the inconvenience’s faced by them.
However just a day before, CRPF 165 battalion raised a bunker along with a check point in the Sarnal area.
The Central armed police forces has also set up a large number of makeshift checkpoints and drop gates in order to strengthen their position in most of the areas of South Kashmir which has witnessed a number of encounters in the last days. (Kashmir Glacier)


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