Front Line Hero’s Against Covid-19….

Front Line Hero’s Against Covid-19….

But Don’t Have Job Security Why…???


When the Covid-19 outbreak has put everything into standstill, doctors, paramedics, management and other health workers are not breathing easy.
As many as 9500 contractual health workers under the National Health Mission (NHM) in UT Jammu and Kashmir have been engaged in different Covid hospitals and are at a greater risk of contracting the virus. But they feel their need and service has not been paid attention by the government unlike the regular doctors,paramedics and management. Despite performing their duties amid various challenges like social security benefits, insurance policy, compansation and shortage of minimal protective gears like masks and PPEs, these employees neither received any insensitive, promotions nor any special salery provided to regular paramedics and doctors are demotivating for them.
We never know which patient is infected and who is not. When we are doing out duties we are constantly under the fear of being exposed to the virus. There is a constant fear and anxiety, if we are putting the life of our family members at risk as well. But we have been given n95 masks and provided with plain cloth or non-sterilized masks,” said Aijaz NHM employee.
They alleged that even though the state government had announced to regularise all NHM employees many times but not a single employee has been regularised yet. NHM staff nurses have been deployed in Sick New-born Care Units (SNCU), district head quarter hospitals (DHH), area hospitals, community health centres and primary health centres of the state.
“The NHM employees either my Doctor’s , Paramedics or managerial staff never did less work because they are contractual employees or they are getting less salary from their regular counterparts, but there is a limit of showing negligence and ignoring the major service providers. There must be some motivational factor to work in these difficult times. When so many new programmes and policies are being made every day for frontline health workers keeping in view the emerging situations due to Covid-19, then why the employees working under NHM are neglected over the years,” questioned by a family member of NHM staff requesting anonymity due to the fear of being targeted.
The state government had assured in 2017_ 2019 when NHM employees were on strike time to time to call off strike resume duty we are going to frame a administrative body and they will sort out the way to full the genuine demands of NHM contractual employees of health department , but not a single demand has been fulfilled yet. Even several reminders have been sent to prepare a gradation list of eligible contractual employees under different schemes but nothing happened.
We NHM Employees of UT J&K, feel demoralised when some government sanctioned three months advance salary and also gave promotion to senior staff nurses and doctors, who are highly paid. “We don’t know where our fault is.
Our government has ordered that retired health workers can resume their duty but we did not event got regularised after 10-15 year service,” as OUR 50% of NHM Employees have already crossed the upper age limit.we have given prime youth to the department give us our dues.
Besides, the risk of infection, stress and anxiety of being separated from their families, we are also facing social ostracism, harassment and even assault.
“We are also deprived of other facilities like government quarters and many house-owners are asking us to look for other houses as they are posted in Covid hospitals. We are not demanding the government but it is our prayer,” said Aijaz bhat.
We are having same eligibility, work experience,same work load and same job profile then why discrimination?
Now humble request to our esteemed honorable LG UT J&K G C Murmu that we are working on meagre salery and are not able to sustain and fulfill family requirements,so our core demands are
Social and economical security,regularisation of our services.



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