Cricketer From Valley who Chose to Strive and not to Yield

Cricketer From Valley who Chose to Strive and not to Yield

Kashmir Cricketer Endure Poverty to Make Career In Sports: Abid Pathan

A fine cricketer from family having no cricket background, has won hearts in Kashmir. He has played matches with the country’s best players -poverty back home is what forced him to pursue his career and get out of extreme poverty.
Abid Ahmad Pathan, 24 year old cricketer from Srinagar took every single second, to learn batting in cricket and football as a career. He has become a name in Kashmir.
Pathan is currently holding and organising many tournaments in different districts of the Kashmir. He counsels budding generation who has keen interest in making the career in Cricket and footballing.
After Facing several hardships in life , Abid pathan ultimately evolved Into a dignified sports celebrity of the valley of Kashmir but recalling the ordeal of life from Time to time, he reveals his plight and struggles while talking to this reporter.
A distinguished footballer as well as a Cricketer from Kashmir , the man with an ambition, undoubtedly possess a golden heart. MR. Abid pathan hails from the famous place popularly Known as Dargah Hazratbal of district srinagar.
Abid has a very extreme financial crunch back home. He says, people in life set ambitious goals but very few survive in achieving them. People face hardships ,ups and downs and mostly fail to endure themselves.
“But some are ignited with a burning will power to achieve those set goals and they keep always struggling to go ahead and do wonders in life,” Says Abid.
I hold workshops were i teach the players about cricketing and help them in making the career in it.
The father of Abid works in a state’s road and transport corporation (SRTC), said that he managed all Odds to survive his sons dream of becoming a well trained footballer of the country .
His father did not get any sort of pensions on despite sitting on a retirement many years ago. Such financial crunches made the whole family to face tough times but never left the dignified way of living even under meagre survival conditions. Despite all hard complexities of life i never said no to my dreams, says Abid at his Two-story house in Srinagar.
He did not loose his hope and continued with his Passion . His passion for the sports was much higher and so he continued with practising sports and at the same time to meet some of the financial obligations from the family front he used to work as a vendor, selling goods in the market stealthily so as not to be seen,” says his 65 year old father.
He entered into the first iron tournament and paved his way into the famous club and exceptionally impressed all the reputed selectors of that time with his tactica abilities and a spontaneous compelling sports character,” says his childhood friend.
“He joined the practice sessions of the club held at Amar singh college Srinagar,” he added.
“Afterwards he Introduced his own club namely “HANGUL” to nourish the local talent .Then got a Job in JK Police FC jammu but could not continue with that job because of the remoteness of the place from the home and financially meagre output, Abid also played for a US based football academy for some time”, He said.
His another friend who also plays matches with him says, “After working hard in cricket . He was hired by ACC as a ball boy and due to his dedication towards the club , and was promoted to the position of manager of ACC – the top most club of the valley. Abid has quite a long time also worked as a consultant for MIRZA GLADIATORS.
Last year J&K Cricket Association (JKCA) has appointed Abid as observer for the Under-23 tournament which was in Jaipur.
His friend shares that, “He recruited many local players which led the club to victory under his able management and leadership skills.Then he started earning more fame and started a local talent hunt and introduced world cricket academy in 2013. He has represented scouts and guides , and the civil defense sports wings. Apart from this,Abid’s proper guidance is behind the success of many players in the recent “KHELO INDIA” campaign . He is now usually in the national television for debates .Abid has became a star at his own in the SPORTS field. He works as a coach In the Leading School of The Valley – kashmir harvard educational institute , Srinagar. At one time in life, Abid struggled for merely equipments for training but today he is doing many advertisements for many companies .
After his love for the cricket Abid is also known for his honesty and benevolent nature and besides as a social worker he went almost to every place in the valley to Pick up the talented players and help them in guidance and seeking the career in sports. He organised many tournaments across the Valley .He is the person of high stature, sheer personality and not less than a celebrity . today abid pathan is a big fame . A young dynamic sports player Abid Pathan is an inspirational figure for athletes and sports affiliated persons . He was the chief observer from 2018-2019 Under 23 team . He runs seminars and encourages sports from smaller tournaments to the big ones. He picks up the players from across the Valley and nourish their talent. While talking to this reporter Mr. ABID states that money is not the thing that can bring much of happiness. But earning respect in the society is a very big thing. He prioritises respect over money as a source of fame and contentment.
At the concluding of this reporters interview with him; He urges the government to take a serious note of the “Rehber-e-khel” appointments which were based on adhoc policy, and stresses upon the government to regularise their services and also enhance their salaries as day to day survival is becoming tougher with each passing day. The same way as sports activities without spectators are being allowed in many parts of India, the Government must take the initiatives to throw sports grounds open without spectators and let the sports activities flourish, open to all.
Taking example of Football, the Footballers from the valley of Kashmir representing various departments like JK Forest, SRTC, Food and Supply, etc. have not been regularized since more than a decade. ‘How come the newer generations will chose the field of sports as a career knowing that the senior players have not received any due financial recognition as the people from other walks of life are getting like teaching, health, business, etc.?”, questions Mr. Abid with bewilderment over the neglect of the sports as a career.
The Government of Jammu & Kashmir should enrich the sports culture and boost as well as encourage the emerging players like the sorts of what other countries are doing. It is high time for the authorities to give due recognition to the Sports, the same way as is given to doctors, engineers, professors, police and to all other fields.
At his home after I was done interviewing him he told me that one day he would play at the international level, and told me that I shall watch him playing in an international matches. His confidence of making the best in cricket was what i found on his face. Before i left his home he said watch me one day playing at international level and we bid good bye each other from his home door in Hazratbal, Srinagar and promised of meeting when his name will be broadcasted among international players.


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