A Brave Woman Leader: Never Lose Hope Of Success

A Brave Woman Leader: Never Lose Hope Of Success

“Never lose hope , success will reward your hard work”

A Woman leader who will never lose hope of success . She works day and night for her own people but never gets tired. She works for upliftment of poor downtrodden people of kangan area of ganderbal district . She thinks that we want to work for the betterment of society. In Covid 19 and lockdown situations she will never sit at home . She always works day and night for people so that they will not face any problem . She has been working for the last many years but never loses hope of success in her life . She thinks that one day she will succeed with the help of god and support of the people. Everyone knows her work and what she will do for them. I see her fighting for justice for the people. In any difficult situation she will come forward to serve the people . she will always fulfill her promise they will do with people. I salute to such a brave woman leader who never loses hope of success.
”If your action creates a legacy that inspires others to dream more , learn more, do more and become more then you are an excellent leader”
This is a really a true story of a brave woman leader Ruheena Shahzaad . I always salute and support you my sister Ruheena Shahzaad.


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