JD(U) demands revocation of SRO-202 in the interest of J&K youth

JD(U) demands revocation of SRO-202 in the interest of J&K youth

It is dangerous ramifications for peace and progress of J&K: G M Shaheen
SRINAGAR: Janta Dal (United) JD (U) J&K UT President GM Shaheen and secretary General Dr Nawab Aman on Thursday castigated the administration for handling such a sensitive issue in a causal and mundane manner which is not only detrimental to the interests of lakhs of unemployed youth but are fraught with dangerous ramifications for the peace and progress of Jammu and Kashmir.
G M Shaheen and Dr Nawab Aman while addressing the press conference at Party headquarters Rajbagh Srinagar said the new recruitment rules for Class-IV jobs notified by the J&K government yesterday are completely prejudicial in nature and should be rolled back and modified in accordance with the standard rules governing the recruitment processes across the country.
“In the new recruitment rules notified on June 4, 2020 the administration has incorporated SRO-202 clauses which are not only obsolete but brazenly, unconstitutional in nature,” Shaheen maintained.
He further urged upon for personal intervention of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union home minster including J&K LG Grisih Chandra Murmu into the matter.
He said that the SRO 202 was formulated by the previous elected government under the constitution of erstwhile state of J&K, which presently stands revoked. “Since the Indian constitution and law is directly applicable to Jammu and Kashmir how can SRO 202 be still valid in such a situation? The government of India cannot have double standards for residents of J&K while the citizens in all others states enjoy equal rights under the constitution of the country. This contradiction needs to be alleviated, sooner the better,” he remarked.
“This is totally an unjustified clause which should be removed forthwith,” Dr Nawab Nasir Aman demanded and added that these rules should be immediately rolled back and modified in accordance with the right to equality and equal pay to equal work enshrined in the constitution of the country.
Meanwhile, both the leaders condemned and expressed deep pain and anguish over the killing of Ajay Pandita Bharti, Sarpanch in Anantnag Kashmir.
Calling it a cowardly act, Shaheen and Dr Nawab condemned the killing and said that those behind the killing are the enemies of humanity. The attack on any public representative is the attack on the democratic setup, they added.
Both the leaders urged upon the authorities to spare no efforts in bringing the culprits to justice.
They futher prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family members.


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