Anantnag Admin Orders Compulsory Leave To Pregnant Women

Anantnag Admin Orders Compulsory Leave To Pregnant Women



Srinagar, June 6: Amid increased number of pregnant women getting infected with novel coronavirus, authorities in Anantnag district of south Kashmir have ordered all government, private organizations, banks, health institutions or such other establishments involved in public-dealing to send all such women to compulsory leave till June 30.

“Instances have come into notice wherein pregnant women have been found infected with Coronavirus in different socio-economic scenarios; and the working women, especially in Government offices, Banks, Hospitals etc are at a greater risk in view of public dealing involved,” K.K. Sidha (KAS), District Magistrate (Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority), said in an order, a copy of which lies with GNS.

“It’s important that pregnant women stay away from sick, infected people to avoid contracting such infection,” he said, adding, “the medical experts have opined that pregnant women are more susceptible to infection. Pregnancy affects every system on human body. Changes in hormone levels and immune system function can make the women more vulnerable to infections and serious complications.”

This calls for emergent measures in wake of Coronavirus spread, to safeguard the lives of both mothers and newborn, he said.

“(It is hereby ordered) that all Drawing and Disbursing Officers / Heads of offices including Government Offices, Private Organizations, Banks, Health Institutions or such other establishments involved in public-dealing shall compulsorily ensure that pregnant women officials are sent on leave w.e.f 6th June 2020 to 30th June 2020 .”

During said period the pregnant women officials shall be entitled to full pay, emoluments, arrears as due during routine duty. “The DDOs shall also send a consolidated list of such employees to District Disaster Management Authority indicating the expected Date-of-Delivery enabling this office to monitor special requirements of individual cases,” he said, adding, “Departments/Offices shall put in place alternate mechanism for official assignments wherever such employees are sent on leave.” (GNS)


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