Who is lying? Man claims his samples never taken and yet declared as positive for Covid-19

Who is lying? Man claims his samples never taken and yet declared as positive for Covid-19



Chadoora, June 3: A tea-stall owner from Central Kashmir’s Budgam district Wednesday claimed that he was forcibly put into isolation ward at JVC Bemina when his samples were never taken and still he was declared positive for Covid-19 infection.

Yesterday authorities declared a tea-stall owner from Dugbugh Chadoora area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district positive for Covid-19. He was immediately shifted to Isolation Ward at JVC SKIMS Bemina while his contacts and family members were quarantined.

“When my samples were never taken how come I became a Covid-19 patient,” the tea-stall owner told news agency KNT.

He entered into an argument with officials and doctors requesting them to take his sample and send it to testing lab.

“When and how my sample was taken, I want an answer to this,” the man said.

Sub Divisional Magistrate Chadoora, Prince Hamid said that he will inquire the matter and will ascertain the claim made by the tea-stall owner.
After sometime, SDM called this reporter and said that a lab technician who is also the neighbour of the Covid-19 patient in question had taken his samples at home.

When this reporter contacted the lab-technician, he claimed that samples were taken and the test is positive now. When asked about the claims made by tea-stall owner, the Lab Technician said, he doesn’t know why the man is making ‘false’ claims. (KNT)


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