Staying away from Delimitation process has exposed NC’s politics of deceit: Altaf Thakur

Staying away from Delimitation process has exposed NC’s politics of deceit: Altaf Thakur

Party had halted step till 2026 only to stay in power, fill its own coffers, Those opposing domicile are anti J&K youth

Srinagar, June 1:(PTK)Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) J&K spokesman Altaf Thakur today lashed out at the National Conference for dragging its feet from the much ambitious exercise of Delimitation Commission stating that the party is again trying to gain sympathy from public but their politics of deceit stands exposed yet again.

In a statement issued here, Thakur said that the party that has ruled J&K for decades together is staying away from the exercise that has been demanded by the people of every district and zone in J&K to regional and district wise imbalance ends once for all.

The NC had put a halt on the delimitation of assembly seats till 2026 with a sole aim of enjoying power and filling its own coffers while keeping people in dark. But BJP led government at the Centre exposed NC by taking historic step and by integrating the J&K fully within the union territory with a sole aim of exposing these parties who ruined J&K and its people for the decades together.

He said look at the generosity of Central government that nominated three MPs—Dr Farooq Abdullah, Hasnain Masoodi and Muhammad Akbar Lone as the associate members of Delimitation Commission but NC decided otherwise and decided to stay away from the process.

This was expected as NC doesn’t work for people’s welfare and is only bothered of how it can grab the power and stay in the hot seat for the years it wishes to.  But NC must take a note that times to befool people on the pretext of hollow slogans is over and people of J&K are mature enough to understand the politics of deceit.

He said delimitation exercise will still take place in a very transparent manner and every region, district and zone will get justice that was delayed for the decades together. The next Assembly polls will also be held in a very transparent manner and people of every area will get due representation in the upcoming Assembly.

Thakur also lashed out at the NC and other parties for opposing domicile rules for J&K stating that there is no discrepancy and instead youth deserving the job will get due share in jobs in every government sector.

The fast track recruitment to fill 10,000 posts has started and J&K youth will apply and get jobs in very clean manner without any nepotism, favoritism and corruption as has been the practice earlier.


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