Amid Worldwide Lockdown a Young Political Leader Helping Needy People

Amid Worldwide Lockdown a Young Political Leader Helping Needy People



SRINAGAR  MAY (KG)World-wide lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, the underprivileged has led to a staggering humanitarian crisis which the UT has struggled to handle. As workers and vulnerable families run out of food, cash and patience.

As every individual of the society is helping each other during this world wide lockdown on personal capacity but politicians even having back of thier parties don’t bother to help a single person, some regional political leaders are still occupied with the story of abrogation of Article 370 which happened last year.

Some politicians are least interested in donation during this pandemic lockdown as they promised with their people during the election campaigns that we will help you in every situation to tackle, but that was only myth and now they have totally forgotten about the people.

But the picture isn’t that gloomy at all, a young political leader Sheikh Aamir from humble background who belongs to Indian National Congress party from past 10 years, has come out to serve people of Kashmir. He has been at forefront whenever people needed him.

In past years he has been instrumental in organising sports activities, providing them with sports equipment, giving relief to fire victims, donate medicines, essential commodities to needy people and reaching out to far flung areas as well.

In this pandemic Sheikh Aamir has set an example of humanity by serving poor people, recently an initiative was taken by him to reach out to minorities (Sikhs, Hindus and Christians) in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district and more than 100 families were provide medicines and essential food items.

Meanwhile one of the family whom Sheikh Aamir has provided ration and essential items, they said that Sheikh Aamir has helped them in this pandemic by providing food items and free medicines.
And also one of the family from Old Town Baramulla said that Sheikh Aamir sent their volunteers at our door step with the medicines.

At last Aamir said that “I joined politics to serve my people, not to rule or command them.
When I reach home in evening or sometimes midnight after work, tired and exhausted, i feel satisfied and happy that i did something for my people. From shutdowns to lockdown, life in kashmir has changed a lot.we must all join hands in dealing with this difficult situation which is hitting mostly poor section of our society. More than virus, its poverty which is killing us.”


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