Army’s New Way To Win Hearts and Minds In Kashmir

Army’s New Way To Win Hearts and Minds In Kashmir



SRINAGAR (KG) On the occasion of Eidul fitr we take this opportunity to inspire people of kashmir to Work in peace and harmony and pursue it wholeheartedly’

While Operation Sadbhavana continues to remain a flagship program of Army “aiming at winning ‘hearts and minds of Kashmiris’”, in a first of its kind, Army on Sunday on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr festival was seen distributing sweets among locals in various parts of the Valley. The soldiers of Wussan based 24RR were seen outside the mosques and on roads, greeting people and distributing sweets, something never seen in the contemporary years.

This all was being seen at a time the Valley has been witnessing COVID19.

Army’s 24RR personnel were seen at various places across Tehsil Kangan greeting people and distributing sweets.

The Kangan Based Camp of Army distributed sweets to the locals to celebrate the auspicious occasion. “The thoughtful gesture was aimed at harmonious integration of Jawan and Awaam in the region.

In far flung areas of Gujjar Basti and Berindor. Army’s 24RR Chattergul Camp had made arrangements for distribution of sweets to the children, tea for villagers and elder with special arrangements for traditional Eid savories, i.e. “Seviyyan-a popular recipe in Indian mainland prepared during the Eid festival”. The Army Camps of Wangat, Surapharao and Guthlibagh had also made similar arrangements for the people in these areas.


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