NHM,RNTCP,JKSACS. employees hold symbolic protest, seek redressal of demands

NHM,RNTCP,JKSACS. employees hold symbolic protest, seek redressal of demands


GANDERBAL, May 20: The National Health Mission RNTCP JKSACS employees today held symbolic on-work protests in various hospitals across the state demanding redressal of their grievances including job security and pay parity.

Employees in district and sub-district level hospitals held placards in support of their demands to draw the attention of the authorities towards their just demands.

The doctors, managerial staff and paramedics are demanding formulation of a job policy, immediate implementation of equal work equal pay and other social security measures.

President of the Association Muneer Andrabi said the protest did not affect normal work as they do not want anybody to suffer. “We made sure to perform our duties at all hospitals particularly Covid related centres. The protest was symbolic to draw the attention of authorities. Hopefully the concerned quarters do take note”, he said.

He appealed Lt Governor, GC Murmu to come to their rescue. “We are facing utter discrimination as far as our wages is concerned despite having been working for last 13 years in the health department. There is no job or social security”, he said, adding that the employees are completely vulnerable including their families.

He said the protests will continue for one week, after which further strategy shall be formulated. “We do not want to abdicate our responsibility in such trying times which is why the protests are short and symbolic. We are hopeful that the authorities will take note and expedite resolution of our grievances”, he added.

The Association Chief Spokesperson Abdul Rauoof said NHM RNTCP JKSACS employees have been on fore front of all calamities, be it floods, unrest or the present Covid crisis. “We hope the government does acknowledge the same and work out a plan for addressing our concerns”.

Vice President Ganderbal JKNHMEA
Joint Coordination of NHM RNTCP JKSACS


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