Spending Quarantine With My Family

Spending Quarantine With My Family

This is not Article about coronavirus and its effects this is time it is about detox . This detox has brought in my life. As all you know that coronavirus this happens first time in history . It spreads through all over the world. For a couple of weeks we have seen in newspapers, news about the coronavirus. The doctors, nurses read and research about it. They are doing their best. But still no vaccine has been released yet. This time every common people faces difficulties. Everyone is spending quarantine days in their home.
I spend my quarantine days with my family. The greatest blessing that a person can have is to grow under the love and care of family. They shared their memories, beauty of past. They understands us that we have to face difficulties of life and we have that much of strength we can with stand it. They help us to understand the truth of life. I have been so blessed with the most wonderful family. And this is the reality of life.
The parents are the one who told us from the childhood that you cannot have it all in life, but with hard work and dedication, you can have what matters most. “Paradise lies under the feet of the mother” this is true and we should our parents. Whenever it is five or ten minutes, who else worried? Who else woke up in the half night for Tahajjud pray and cry for our happiness. Who waits for the smalls things? Parents worry about feeding their children before eating. And sometime they are hungry for feeding their children. And what are we doing we take our parents for granted they are actually blessing from Almighty Allah and should respect them and also value them. No one can beat their love and care.
I spend most of the time with my parents which i often does. They teach me a lot of advise . When ever i spend time with them help me relieve stress. This is the love of parents. I am so blessed to have such parents. My father is more attached to me. He shared many things about her mother that she was so hardworking and she had faced a lot difficulties in her life. And it’s obvious we will learn something from that. Sometimes, i feel so bad when i saw my father is sitting whole day. Whenever he has any pain or trouble , he never speaks. This is the love of parents.
Everyone is in their homes in these days and i am telling everyone to spend all the time with their family. I mostly see people these days children are playing games and i realise nothing will come of it. Why cannot we appreciate this blessing? Every word , sentence, admonition is in my heart. I share deep secret with her. Some people don’t have family they are the one who know their value. So we have to appreciate every single second.


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