Literature, its importance: Tool of Creativity

Literature, its importance: Tool of Creativity

A mind needs Books as a sword needs a Whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. Literature communicates knowledge & not only knowledge but wisdom of all kinds. A literature book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. Books are packed with knowledge, life lessons, Love, Fear, Prayer and helpful advice. When an individual opens books, he opens a new world. Not forgetting the pure history of Literature itself with the first Novel being penned in 2000 BC, the “Epic of Gilgamesh”. LIFE BEFORE Literature was practical and predictable, but in present day, literature has expanded into countless Libraries and into the minds of many as the gateway for comprehension and curiosity of the Human mind and the world around them. It is the journey that is inscribed in pages and powered by the imagination of the reader .Literature opens our eyes and makes us to see more than just what the front door shows. In everyday life Literature connects individuals with larger truths and ides in a society Literature is the foundation of Life. It places an emphasis on many topics from human tragedies to tales of the ever-popular search for love. These words come alive in the imagination of the mind and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text.
There is a stigma in Society that implies one who is more inclined towards Science and Math will somehow be more successful in Life and that one who is more passionate toward Literature and other Art forms will be destined to a Life of Law-paying Jobs and unsatisfying careers but the reality is It provides growth, strengthens our minds and gives us the ability to think outside the box. Literature, whether it to be Poems, essays, Novels or short stories helps us to address human nature and conditions which effect all people. Literature is timeless piece of entertainment. Reading a book is one of the best ways to fully immerse your mind into another’s dialogue and experiences. Literature is offered to the world in many ways. In its most common form, it is often considered to be written work of art. The proper section of books can help an individual to build their character and learn from right and wrong. Reading helps us to understand the world more, though it, individual begin to have a better understanding on topic that interests you, self improvement begins from reading. Through reading, individual exposes himself to new things, new ideas, and new ways to achieve a goal. Reading helps to keep the memory sharp and the learning capacity agile. Literature provides an avenue for students to learn about their own cultural heritage and cultures of other people. Literature helps individual to develop emotional intelligence. Literature is a tool to develop creativity. Self-confidence is boosted through the reading of books. Literature not only changes the mind but also their souls.
On 23rd of the April the World celebrates the “World Book Day”. This book day is celebration of Authors, Writers etc, the top priority of the Book Day is to encourage Children to the pleasures of books and readings. The 23rd April is a symbolic date of the death of many great Authors and poets, such as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth and may others.
Ultimately Literature has provided a gateway to teach the reader about life experiences from even the saddest stories to the most joyful ones that will touch their hearts. Giving children or individual access to all verities of literature is extremely important for their greater success. Parents, community members and educators should help students to develop a Love and passion for reading. Literature is not important only in developing cognitive skills but is valuable for other reasons as well. Literature is extremely valuable in both the school and at home. Reading culture should be promoted in our society. We should do this by introducing books to children when they are still little.


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