COVID-19 & Islamiphobia!!!

COVID-19 & Islamiphobia!!!

The global medical fraternity is on toes to fight the deadly COVID-19 virus.While in India, the rise of communal virus is taking heavy toll of our collective moral fabric.Day in & day out, communal viruses are injected by different communal lobbies.They leave no stone unturned to polarize the situation & unfortunately they have succeeded in communalising a reasonable chunk of population.One such oppurtunity used to breed this communal poison was Tableegi Jamaat congregation.In addition to it, various rightwing politicians & media outlets added fuel to this communal fire.This accute & unchecked communalisation will have far reaching implications on our collective social & economic stake.
Firstly, the indian national media needs to undo its traditional rant of communal coverage of various events.While they have every right to highlight the brutal murder of Sadhu’s in Phalghar, but the soul of Ikhlaq is waiting for their intervention.While they succeeded in giving justice to Nirbhaya, but the innocent soul of Asifa is waiting for delivery of justice.Comming to the Tableegi Jamaat congregation, they communalised this event in most shamefull manner.They launched a communal triade against whole muslim community.Tableegi Jamaat was alledged to have terror links, which wes not substantiated by any evidence.The national media outlets need to reshape their priorities in the larger interest of national integrity.They need to preach & nurture fundamantal principles of indian constitution.The secular fabric of constitution is under grave threat due to their misplaced priorities.
Secondly, the communal poison injected by certain rightwing politicians is matter of serious concern.They are openly calling members of a particular community as anti-nationals & are calling for their economic byecott.These so called elected representatives are pushing this whole nation towards a civil war.They are sowing the seeds of communal discord & disintegration.The most unfortunate episode is that the law of the land is pleading helplessness before their communal rant.No one from state apparatus is able to confront them in these trying times.Rather they are glorified day in & day out on mainstream & social media.Their communal triade is going unnoticed.
Lastly, the moot point is, that the social & economic costs of this communal glorification will be very detrimantal & devastating.In this era of globalisation, no one can survive in economic isolation.The integration of economies is of paramount importance in order to usher in an era of development & proaperity.The rural economy is thriving on blood & sweat of both muslim & hindu community.No one among them can even think of economic byecott.The different sectors of economy need a unifying political response to nurture & sustain it.The rural distress can be defeated by collective economic interventions.Poverty,hunger,farmes distress etc are the most important economic challenging facing the nation.The partition of country has already created enough divisions.Now the economic partition is in making, if this breed of communal poison is not rooted out as soon as possible.


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