Sleeplessness a common symptom of anxiety among youth: Experts

Sleeplessness a common symptom of anxiety among youth: Experts

SRINAGAR: Most people whose mental health has been affected due to ongoing crisis are youth and sleeplessness is very common symptom of anxiety among them, say experts.
As a large population struggling with various mental health issues due to turmoil, the number further went up post August 5 when valley remained shut for months. Now lockdown according to doctors could worsen the condition to people in Kashmir especially children and youth who are susceptible to mental ailments.
Dr Mansoor, a psychiatrist working in south Kashmir, said this lock down is different from previous ones in Kashmir.
“There is no sentimental motivation for Kashmiris in this lockdown. Present situation has given us fear because there is threat for survival,” he told Kashmir Indepth News Service(KINS).
He divided people in three groups who he said come for medical assistance these days.
“Firstly those people who are already on prescription of a psychiatrist. These people either have a reemergence of symptoms or they have some queries regarding prescription,” he said.
Other group Dr Mansoor said who seek medical assistance have had mild anxiety in past.
They have been on treatment of other specialists (cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and physicians) and have an exacerbation of these anxiety symptoms, he said.
He said third group is those who have developed symptoms now. “They are fearful, having palpitations and worried about pandemic. They are usually youth. Most of them are worried about the cause of their symptoms. Sleeplessness is a very common symptom in this group. They are most difficult to manage,” Dr Mansoor said, who is also providing online help to patients.
The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed crores of people to the confinement of their houses across the world. Kashmir depicts a distinct rundown. Various surveys have revealed that over 45 percent population in Kashmir has symptoms of mental illness.
Child and adolescent mental health counselor at Child Guidance and Wellbeing Centre run by IMHANS in collaboration with UNICEF, Wasim Rashid Kakroo, said parents should manage their anxiety so that it does not reflect on their children.
“Parents have to be patient because children are emulating their activities. If parents are stressed it will have direct impact on their children. They should make a peaceful environment in their home,” Wasim told KINS.
He said increase or decrease in appetite, sleep, shifting of moods, losing of interest is all indications of stress.
Javid Ahmad Mir, who is Post Graduate Psychiatric Nursing and research scholar, said disease of any kind has a major impact on the mental health.
“Be it COVID-19 outbreak or other public health events, can cause emotional distress and anxiety. During any disease outbreak feeling anxious, confused, overwhelmed or helpless is mostly prevalent,” he said.(KINS)


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