Masoodi calls for shifting of prisoners to Kashmir,4G Internet restoration

Masoodi calls for shifting of prisoners to Kashmir,4G Internet restoration



Srinagar:19 March:Lok Sabah Membar Hasnain Masoodi has demanded the shifting of Political prisoner lodged in different jails outside Kashmir
to Kashmir and revoke their detention orders.

He raised the issue in Lok Sabah on Thursday.

Masoodi said that Corona Virus has resulted in emergency like situation in the Country affecting travel and traffic.

He reminded the Government that more than 400 detenues were detained without charge and trial in Ambekar Nagar, Allahabad, Lukhnow,Agra, Ambala, Tihar and other jails and most of the detenues were of young age.

He demanded immediate revocation of detention orders and Release of detenues and their immediate shifting to Kashmir.

Masoodi stressed upon Restoration of 4G Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir to Fight against Cornavirus.

He also Said that With 4G Internet students will be able to attend online classes from home and businessman can easily work from home as schools and Offices are Shut due to Cornavirus.


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