Kashmir oriented Film “HALF WIDOW”, Directed by Danish Renzu receives applaud & acclaim in series of Screenings at Delhi

Kashmir oriented Film “HALF WIDOW”, Directed by Danish Renzu receives applaud & acclaim in series of Screenings at Delhi

New Delhi: The film “Half widow” of kashmir which has fetched most prestigious Film directed by LA based Danish Renzu which has received various Awards, including Dada Sahib Palikey Film Festival Award ,New York Audience Award ,,France & Chicago’s Cinema award ,was screened in PVR, City walk Mall Sakit central Delhi and watched by distinguished audience belonging to media, Art and other intellectual fraternities .Large section of kashmiri Muslims and Pandits were unanimous to like this piece of Philosophy aptly projected on screen.
The Most prestigious News paper of India Hindu in its Full page Review has stated Half Widow Film based on true Kashmir idea and observed ” Half Widow’ does not fall into the Bollywood trap of the formula Kashmir film” Internationally reputed Movie Media Review House Vox space While appreciating Kashmir based Film ” Half Widow” pointed that time has come to promote this kind of cinema. There are films like Half Widow that force us to look inwards and at the injustices happening around us. Coming from the mind of LA-based Kashmiri filmmaker Danish Renzu, Half Widow tells the story of innumerable people that have become all too common . Half Widow tells the story of Neela (Neelofar Hamid), who lives in Sri Nagar with her brother Zakir (Shahnawaz Bhat) and her aunt. She has lost both her parents by the time we meet her but is still full of hope and optimism towards her future. The time comes for her to get married and she gets married to a paper shop owner named Khalid (Mir Sarwar) The film is shot entirely on location and hence feels absolutely authentic throughout. Mr. Renzu makes sure to capture the landscape with a lot of beauty to contrast the misery that the characters are feeling. The editing by Nitin Baid is seamless, which is amplified by the soulful music provided by Alokananda Dasgupta. .
Kashmiri Song like, “khan e Mouj koor ” and Sufi songs of legendary Noor Mohammad were introduced first time in Half widow including many new Film characters which have potential to make distinguished contribution in Bollywood. The Half Widow commits Suicide in Film Hyder but Neela Half Widow in search of Khalid learns to live ans adopt paths of education.The Film Lala concludes with Lal e daed Verse, “Andr e Wanum Nabaer gachun, Naibrae wanym Ander Achun ” Strengthens her inner self and his imagination finds Khalid in her own inner self.
The popular song of Half widow, Sung by famous Bollywood Sufi singer, Sonu Nigam, has given new dimension to spiritual end of the Film.
Kiyun Seta of Cinesetar while giving full marks to Half widow observes that Familiar songs like ‘Dilbaro’ and ‘Ae Watan’ sound starkly different without the sheen of being in a Bollywood film; they can be heard in Half Widow through the static of radios or the off-key, asynchronous hum of a children’s choir.
The contribution of all reputed kashmir based talents in this film produced by Danish Renzu and Gaya Bholla has impressed audiance.The dialogues written by Sunnayna Kachru, Bosten based Kashmiri Sufi poetess of international repute has also influenced audience to large extent.Critically analysing the film opinion makers were unanimous in their opinion that now originality of Kashmir is prevailing over Bollywood. This is just what the film is – grounded, honest and real, without any glossiness of romanticism or manipulation
After successful series of Screenings at Delhi, the Film shall be watched at evening in Bombay PVR by distinguished film personalities as well. Today in Delhi Sakit most prestigious personalities, lawyers of Supreme Court, Top media personalities, Chancellor, University of Media & Art Sandeep Marwah, Dr. Raj Kumar Sinha, Head of Scouts organizations, Jenab Anooo Bose, Legal Luminary, journalists from Germany, Italian, Iran and other world media, Mr Ayaz Hafiz chief of Rising Kashmir, Jenab Shahid Siddiqui chief of Nayee Duniya and distinguished journalist, Kashmiri personalities present in Delhi, Mr. Maddan koul, Najeeb Kochak,Ashfaq Shah, Sajad Bhalla,Nisar khan,Farooq Qureshi,Mr Nisar khan ,Mehraj Mattu, Nawaz Bhat of Clear mount Nigeen,Masood Shah, and galaxy of prominent Trade leaders of Kashmir Trading in Delhi, Kashmiri students studying in Delhi, Director of Film deptt of AAFT Film university Mr. Amir Abdullah ,Mr.Pushkar ,Ms Preety, Mr Hannan Qadri and Film researchers of institute were present in jam packed PVR of City walk Sakit who were unanimous in their opinion that this Film is true art Film.


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