Internet Gag: International Job Aspirants and Consultants continues to suffer due to prolonged internet clampdown



‘The prolonged internet gag has casted a dark shadow on the career prospectus of job aspirants and consultants’

Gowhar Nazir

Srinagar, Dec 29: The prolonged internet gag has left most of the job aspiring candidates at bay who are unable to take part in their online interviews.

The prolonged internet clampdown in Kashmir which was implemented on August 5, in the backdrop of rollback of special status (Article 370) and bifurcation of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories (Jammu—Kashmir and Ladakh).

“I have been rejected by the Mumbai based job consultant just because of being offline from internet services. The clampdown has left us in dark ages where we are cut off from the rest of the world,” said Asrar Shirazi a Srinagar based job aspirant

He said that many aspirants like him are waiting desperately for the restoration of internet services in valley so that they can pursue their careers overseas. He further added, “I lost a great opportunity in the past due to the complete communication clampdown which was placed in Kashmir in the backdrop of roll back of semi-autonomous status of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.”

The Valley has witnessed a worse type of communication crackdown in this year 2019, as the ongoing internet clampdown has set the new records globally on internet shutdown.

“I have qualified the preliminary interview but due to the ongoing internet gag I missed my mains and because of that I have been disqualified.”

He said that Kashmiri candidates are being rejected just because of being unable to access the internet services in Kashmir. He further added, “I was all set to leave for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in a petro chemical company but unfortunately my candidature was rejected and a new applicant from Delhi replaced me.”


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