Germany’s young footballer Denny Bloom has announced that he is constantly practicing Islam, speaking about religion, he said that this religion gives hope and strength.

While giving his interview to a newspaper he said, ” Islam gives me hope and strength. Prayer gives comfort to my soul I was a touchy, ciḍaciḍā and not the public.

While talking about religion from one of his friend he asked me to learn Islam, I visited the mosque and suddenly my sleeping heart woke up, I felt it has enough for me and wish to know more about Islam Born.

” my parents were scared at the beginning because they were Christians but later he said that I can go where I trust, but now I pray for 5 times a day, I eat halal, read in the media. And the one who sees is totally different from Islam

” Islam is a truly peaceful religion, but I believe that no one should be forced to force his choice or likes, and to those who have always seen Islam without knowing it, they read it once. , and know their hatred will turn into love