Trump’s statement reflects India, Pakistan failures over resolving issues: Sajad Sheikh

Trump’s statement reflects India, Pakistan failures over resolving issues: Sajad Sheikh



JKPM wishes ‘clouds of hostility’ between India and Pakistan are over soon

Srinagar, July 23: Jammu Kashmir Peoples Movement, chief spokesperson, Advocate Sajad Sheikh while reflecting over US President, Donald Trump’s ‘Kashmir comment’ on Tuesday said that presidents’ remarks have brought out the stark reality that India and Pakistan have failed to resolve long-pending issues.

In a statement issued to press, the chief spokesperson affirmed that Trump’s remarks invoke bitter realities of the past. He termed that tyrannical episode of the partition of India Pakistan into two separate nations on basis of religious lines in 1947—marring the core of human values and civilisations with millions getting killed, losing home and honour. He remarked that the two countries—who had commonality of shared bonds for thousands of years in a jiffy adopted inhumane path.

He recalled that India, Pakistan fought many inhuman wars on Kashmir and today USA and all major powers were using them turn by turn as they failed to settle their own issues.

“Trump’s statement reflects several historical failures of India and Pakistan,” Shiekh said. “Gun culture and erosion of Reshi culture and ethos of Kashmir is an outcome of failures of both the neighbouring countries, he said, adding “holding no talks breeds several radical thoughts and actions in the restive region.”

Sheikh observed today both India and Pakistan should introspect with open mind as United nation has recently castigated both countries for violating human rights with impunity and disappearing a large number of sane voices in its parts of Jammu and Kashmir state.

He remarked that JKPM wishes clouds of hostility between India and Pakistan get erased for the better future of South Asia, especially for entire Kashmir region.


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