UN Drops Kashmir from From “Regular Report” on Human Right Situation

UN Drops Kashmir from From “Regular Report” on Human Right Situation



The United Nations has dropped Kashmir in its regular update report on the situation of human rights around the world for the first time in three years.

The News reported that Kashmir has been dropped from the list due to ‘intense pressures’ and international politics, the UN officials and international diplomats at the headquarters contented.

Altaf Hussain Wani, leader of the delegation at UNHCR has expressed optimism that it’s a delay but hopefully not for long. A prominent member of the delegation Ahmed Qureshi has termed it as a symbolic setback.

The news also said that A combined group of Kashmiri youth from the region has reached the headquarters.

Qureshi who is executive director YFK-International Kashmir Lobby Group said that the oral update by the High Commissioner sets the global agenda on rights issues, and the world watches it closely.

He said that scrapping Kashmir suddenly after being in the top UN rights agenda for three years is a matter of concern. The delegation is hopeful that an update on Kashmir could be undertaken by the UN rights monitors “soon”.


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