Another massive protest Demonstration held at KU campus Kumbathang Kargil

Another massive protest Demonstration held at KU campus Kumbathang Kargil

KHUMBATHANG/KARGIL: Yet Another protest held at KU Campus on saturday by the Students of KU satellite campus.
Yesterday the villagers and public hold a long March from Saliskot to KU campus against decision of higher education department Kargil
The Students are Demanding satellite campus to continue and separate venue for CU Ladakh.
It would be pertinent to mention here that, the couple of days ago the department of higher education govt of Jammu and Kashmir has issued an order to start functioning of new Ladakh cluster University in the premises of satellite campus KU in Leh and Kargil.
However after the news circulation in electronic and print media the public of Kargil including the students of KU satellite campus came on roads against the decision of higher education department.
It is worth to mentioning that Public as well student fraternity are not against the new cluster University, however their only demand is to run the university at a separate feasible venue by not hurdling the works and functions of KU satellite campus.
The Kargil campus of Kashmir University is one of the most functioning offsite campus of KU, where no seat get wasted.
If students are to be believed the KU official needs to start new degree and integrated courses in the campus seeing the overwhelming response of students.


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