Gau rakshaks thrash three Muslims, made to shout Jai Shree Ram

Two Muslim men and a woman were thrashed by self-proclaimed gau rakshaks over rumours of carrying beef in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh.
The victims said they were forced to say slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ by the accused.
According to India Today, the self-proclaimed gau rakshaks had gotten a tip off that two Muslim youths and a woman, who were travelling in an auto, were carrying beef.
A video showing the goons descending on the youths with sticks has gone viral. In the video, the gau rakshaks hold the youths to a tree one by one and beat them up mercilessly as the onlookers stood by.
The goons are also heard shouting at the youths to repeat ‘Jai Shree Ram’ slogans while forcing one of the youths to beat the woman who was accompanying them.
A case has been registered and five people have been arrested in the matter, police said.


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