Bhat expresses shock over recent killings across Kashmir

Bhat expresses shock over recent killings across Kashmir



Srinagar: Senior PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat has expressed shock and sorrow over the killings in various incidents across Kashmir.

In a statement, Bhat said that civil society, political and religious leadership of the state needed to show a way out from the whirlpool of bloodshed and perpetual suffering. “But unfortunately it has remained divided and at times poised against their own cause.”

He said situation has reached such a pass that unrelenting New Delhi has been emboldened to escape any blame while continuing with the killing spree.

“Such an attitude directly emanates from our own divisions and lack of prowess to evolve a common course for mutual survival and dignity.”


Bhat rued that both mainstream regional groups and resistance forces have allowed a drift leaving scope for further segregation.

He said that divided leadership and society always arouses outrage of youth as endangered future stakeholders.

“This feeling compounds deeply rooted historical causes as in our case, brew deprivation and anger.”

Bhat said Kashmir has been gripped in uncertainty ever since partition and the ideological clashes thereafter which provided a breeding ground for protest.

“We needed strong, prudent leadership, a selfless, compassionate supporter, a benevolent and a realistic power to help out. But Ironically, it was not to be and generations were dismayed.”

He said that history has now reached a course that there will be no one to protect us from further margmarginalization loss if we fail to unite, at least for our shared identity, self-respect and survival as a society.

Bhat made an appeal to youth undergoing education to direct their energy towards fomenting their own growth and strength than to self-affliction and avoidable peril.

He said civil society has a role to strike a common chord for a common goal of survival as a distinct society.


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