Eminent poet arrested over a Facebook post in Bangladesh

Eminent poet arrested over a Facebook post in Bangladesh

Dhaka: Bangladesh Police has arrested a Christian poet writing over on priests in a Facebook post. Henry Sawpon, a Christian himself, detained in Barishal, a southern division of Bangladesh, after a priest filed a case against him for a series of defamatory writings about the clergy.


On Tuesday mid noon the plain cloth police members took him from his residence in Chowmatha, Barishal area. After appearing in court, he was sent to jail after a court rejected his bail application.

Barishal Metropolitan Police commissioner Shahabuddin Khan told to reporters that Henry Sawpon shown arrested under the country’s digital security law for hurting religious sentiments of the Christian community.

Just a day before Sawpon arrest, He informed local media that two unknown men entered his home after midnight and threatened to kill him if he did not stop writing against his community over Facebook.

Local and international rights group members have expressed concern over his arrest that the much-debated Digital Security law would be used to curb freedom of expression and a crackdown on dissent.

Sawpon is known for his poems and rhymes published in Bangladesh’s leading dailies and newspapers.

Police said Sawpon had posted defamatory remarks against Barishal’s Catholic fathers on his Facebook profile since years and years. If Sawpon found guilty under the controversial digital security law he would face a maximum 14 term years in jail.

Barisal’s Christian community is one of the oldest in the Muslim majority nation. Barisal Reporters Unity has condemned and shown protest over writer and poet Henry Swapan. In a statement, they strongly demonstrated and condemned the case against Henry Swapan filed with the Digital Security Act.


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