Made in India’ XgenPlus to introduce advanced instant messenger app for enterprises

Made in India’ XgenPlus to introduce advanced instant messenger app for enterprises


Bangalore: After successfully introducing linguistic and enterprise email services in several Indian and foreign languages, Data Xgen technologies Pvt Ltd now ventures into yet another innovative technology which offers a robust instant messaging and collaboration platform.

As the leader in enterprise email with linguistic email addresses, Data Xgen’s  innovative solution XgenPlus delivers robust instant messaging and collaboration technology to organizations across a diverse range of industries.

“Built to function as next-generation messaging solutions, XgenPlus products create a real-time communication presence via a user-friendly interface of Web and mobile messaging app. XgenPlus enabled Unparalleled Data and Message Security for enterprises comes with several capabilities such as security, data protection, automatic subscription,” said Dr Ajay Data, Founder and CEO of Data Xgen Technologies.

“Users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that team members can communicate and collaborate securely. Moreover enterprises can protect data and improve control between the clients and servers with industry-standard 256-bit encryption,” he added.

There are several features which make XgenPlus product unique. Device-to-device encryption secures every message and attachment with a unique key, from the time it leaves the sending device until it arrives on receiving devices.

Department wise automatic subscription of team members is possible, without any disclosure of mobile number to each other.

XgenPlus offers a platform where a person or employee can Instantly and reliably communicate and collaborate with other team members and share many different types of multimedia content. Moreover, conversations continue even if employees move from one Web browser accessible device to another.

As group moderator, an administrator has right to mute the person or allow individual to participate in discussion.

With such advanced features XgenPlus is now ready to empower Enterprises with unparalleled security and privacy to Data and increase productivity of team members.

“We, as an organization in the world of technology, have always believed in innovating to make life easier for the masses. We empower every person to be able to explore and utilize the power of the internet by the developing and innovating solutions,” Dr. Data said.

XgenPlus provides secure unified communications, such as email, transactional emails, push mail, group emails, chat, SMS, e-marketing, and faxing at one place.

It is primarily used by corporates, small and medium ent…erprises and various governments in India and around the world.


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