Khaniyar Family Protests Death Of Kin Due To ‘Uncaring’ Doctors’ AT SMHS

Khaniyar Family Protests Death Of Kin Due To ‘Uncaring’ Doctors’ AT SMHS


Srinagar, April 30 : A family from Khanyar here on Tuesday protested in SMHS hospital, alleging death of their kin due to “negligence by doctors”.

The family said that from the last two days not a single doctor visited the patient, Abdul Ahad Guru (79).

“We visited the concerned senior doctor and the CMO, imploring them that the condition of our patient is deteriorating and kindly look into it. They told us that a doctor will visit him soon,” a family member said, adding, no doctor came even there was no PG in the ward.

“A nurse came later and gave him some injection despite our requests not to administer such high dose medicine keeping in view the condition of the patient,” the family member said.

Within minutes, he said, the same nurse told the family to take the patient to the emergency unit as his condition further deteriorated. “In the emergency ward, we were directed to conduct ECG and as soon as the doctor there perused it, he informed us that our beloved is no more.”

The family later staged a protest and even refused to take body home, demanding action against the concerned doctors and also sought report as regards the cause of death. Meanwhile, the hospital authorities handed over a certificate regarding the cause of death to them, showing it to be due to “cardio pulmonary arrest”.

While the family was protesting, a number of people, who were attending other patients, joined them and demanded some accountability on part of the doctors.

“The doctors come as they wish without much care towards the patients. They are only concerned about private practice,” they said.

Most of the senior doctors, they said, come late in the morning and leave much earlier than the scheduled duty so as to reach their private clinics.

Had “there been accountability, the patients would not have suffered nor would there be agony to the attendants,” they said, adding, “The patients are treated as second class citizens and all this is because nobody to hold the doctors accountable especially poor.”

Medical superintendent SHMS hospital Dr. Nazir Hussain Chowdhary said that family should file a written complaint regarding the incident. (GNS)


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