Students forced to sit under open sky, no building since 20-yrs of establishment

Students forced to sit under open sky, no building since 20-yrs of establishment

Srinagar: Government school established almost 20 years ago in Udhampur’s Turga village, students studying in this are forced to study under open sky due to lack of adequate facilities, ANI reported.


According to the reports, the students in this institution have not been provided basic facilities by the government and are causing difficulties in their daily exercises.

The school was established in 1999, however, students study in open in the absence of classrooms.

“50 students are enrolled in this school, but school building can’t accommodate them all. I appeal to the Governor to help us,” said P Kumar, Sarpanch.

A teacher appointed in this school shared that he is very disappointed by seeing the students sitting on the ground in open and seeking the education. “I had written to senior officials to arrange school building for students, but everything went in vain,” said Jagdish Chander.

During adverse weather conditions, the students are asked to go homes, he added.

The Chief Education Officer has instructed Zonal Education Officers to find out more such schools in their regions.

“I have instructed all the Zonal Education Officers to bring to my notice all such schools which don’t have adequate facilities or their work has been pending, so we can work on them,” said Daljeet Singh, Chief Education Officer, Udhampur.


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