Sajad Noorabadi Writes to Sushma Suraj to Faciltate return of Daughter and Wife of Yasin Malik

Sajad Noorabadi Writes to Sushma Suraj to Faciltate return of Daughter and Wife of Yasin Malik




Social Activist Sajad Noorabadi who also fought Recent Parliament election from Srinagar Consituency has written a letter to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, exhorting her to Faciltate return of Daughter and Wife of JKLF Chairman Mohd Yasin Malik.

In a letter to the Union Minister, Noorabadi has urged Sushma to take up the matter to take appropriate steps for the return of Wife and Siblings of Hurtiyat Leader Yasin Malik on Humanitarian Grounds. Your good self have been kind enough to intervene in such matters were the life and liberty of the citizens of the Union of India are stake and by your immediate call to such incidents bring peace and resultantly the suffers have been protected. Your good self’s humane approach is not only apricated in the country but in abroad as, I as citizen of union of India has witnessed myself that how the sufferings of the family minimized by your immediate and proper action, the letter reads.

In the letter to Suraj, Noorabadi wrote: Keeping such incidents in to account and the functions of your office at recent time, I as a citizen of union of India state that recently the state government has put the Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik behind the bars in order to maintain the harmony in the state, because the said step have been taken by the government in order to preserve the law and order situation in the valley. But on the other hand, the family members of said leader- wife and daughter most suffers for the reason of the fact that they are not allowed to resume their country bearings the citizens of union of India as per the law of land.

He wrote that, It is important to mention here that the family members of the leader are from time to time seeking permission for allowing them to return back to the country and to have society with the said Hurriyat leader because the right to have visit and to know about the welfare and wellbeing of the detainee is well established right recognised under the constitution as well as the conventions and protocol acknowledged by the united nations. He said that, My country is governed by rule of law and is always following the essence of the same, we have constitution but our sprit that is constitutionalism is always upheld by the leaders of country including your August self addiding that our country recognises rights of every citizens and so on these lines, I being the citizen of union of India as well as social activist feel it honour to approach and appraise your august self that the appropriate steps and arrangements be made so that the bifurcated family is united and above all the family members of the Hurriyat leader who are presently in Pakistan are facilitated and accordingly permitted to have the visitation rights and to meet with the detainee and also a husband and father of the minor.

In his Letter, Noorabdi requested that appropriate steps be taken and appropriate directions be issued in order to facilitate and provide permission to the family of the detained Hurriyat leader so that they are able to meet and have the society with each other, in order to hold the majesty of constitution and these steps will serve as food to humanity which not only bring peace but will further provide a way to change the minds of the people of the valley, or which act of kindness, I shall remain great full.


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