SMC deputy mayor alleges bullying by ‘corrupt’ contractors

SMC deputy mayor alleges bullying by ‘corrupt’ contractors

Srinagar, April 25: Srinagar Municipal Corporation deputy mayor Sheikh Imran Thursday alleged that “corrupt” contractors were trying to bully him and corporators into giving up their “fight against corruption.”


Addressing a press conference here, Imran said he would soon expose “scams and corruption” in Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

“Even a leaf cannot move in a ward without the permission of a corporator. You can, of course, keep checks and balances on the work being carried out by them. But we will not be intimidated by your threats and personal attacks,” Imran said while addressing a press conference here.

“ We are here to serve and represent people. We are here to fix overflowing drains and repair shambled roads and address the power woes of people. We are not here to do any politics,” he said, appealing the administration to support “ me and my corporators in our endeavours.”

Imran said eradicating corruption has become “our motto.”

“I am surprised that the Mayor is taking the side of contractors. I had told the contractors that if money has genuinely been spent on the office of Mayor, they should have nothing to worry about. But if the amount has been exaggerated, I will make sure that the involved engineers and contractors land in jail,” he said.

“Let there be third-party verification of the amount that has been spent on the Mayor’s office. I and my 40 corporators will publicly apologize and resign if I am proven wrong,” he said.

“We will not spare anyone who has made money off corruption,”  he said.

He said the contractors should be open to a probe. “ I have documents and bills pertaining to 114 cases of bungled-up works. These people have been looting public money,” he said.

Those who work with honesty will have our full support but you can’t label the Commissioner as a Congress man or accuse somebody of taking dictation from others.”

“I will not allow a common man’s money to be pilfered,” he said. (GNS)


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