Why is Omar Abdullah using denial made by Ram Madhav in 2014 as a fig-leaf to not comment: Sajad Lone

Why is Omar Abdullah using denial made by Ram Madhav in 2014 as a fig-leaf to not comment: Sajad Lone

Srinagar, Apr 17 : Peoples Conference (PC) chairman and former minister, Sajad Gani Lone on Wednesday questioned the silence maintained by former chief minister and National Conference (NC) vice president Omar Abdullah over his meeting with the BJP leadership in New Delhi following 2014 elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Lone had recently claimed that Omar had met BJP leadership in 2014 to work out power sharing arrangement in the State.


Earlier in the day, Omar when asked about the claims made by Lone told the reporters that they should ask this question to Ram Madhav.

Talking to news agency Lone said he did not name Ram Madhav.
“I know Ram Madhav denied the story in 2014. A rumour is not to be believed unless it is officially denied. And why isn’t Omar replying. Why is he saying, ask Ram Madhav? Does that mean Ram Madhav was there? When did I name Ram Madhav? I said BJP top brass. That Omar is saying ask Ram Madhav means that at least one participant in the meeting has been identified,” he said.

Sajad said that Omar should answer the question in a simple yes or no.
“This is a simple question which can be answered with a yes or no. With every passing day it is clear that our assertions about the meeting are unambiguously true. He is himself substantiating our claims and creating evidence.”

He added that one non-NC, non -BJP politician was also present in the meeting.
“I repeat, he (Omar) met them. He discussed modalities of government formation and agreed on rotational chief minister. Omar had tea. I think ‘Pakoras’ were also served,” Lone said. (KNS)


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