Congress workers meet held in Circuit house shopian,

Congress workers meet held in Circuit house shopian,

shopian.17April:one day Indian national Congress workers meet held in Circuit house shopian,where hundreds of people Particpated in the one day worker convention.Congress leader Advocate Gowhar Hussain conducted the programme in violent zone.mention worth this is the 1st workers convention held in District Shopian.
Musthaq Ahmad khanday assured for protection of Article 370..Relaxation of KCC Loans and removal of AFSPA.


Nasser Ahmad mir all India Indian national Congress youth Leader who is son of Ga mir.was the chief guest on the occasion.

This is the 1st ever political workers convention in shopian due to some difficulties in situation.

Advocate Gowhar husaain conducted the one day workers convention.youth of the different corners of the District participated in the convention.

Advocate Gowhar Hussain who has conducted the programme said that Congress party will give you security which you have lost during previous Govt.Gowhar further said that we have trusted them but in return they have ditched the the time has changed people are very well aware how to vote and whom to vote.

Leader Umar Jan said that INC is focusing on harmony among different groups.he said that Congress party is working 24×7 for the better of and upliftment of society.He further said that the situation is here because of PDP and BJP coilation.we want this won’t happen again here.

Leaders of INC emphasised on ongoing Lok Sabha elections.most of the leaders targeted PDP,peoples democratic party that they are responsible wholly and solely for this situation.

A Leader mushtaq Ahmad Khanday said that this situation is because of PDP they have joined hands with BJP and they target Kashmir’s at event front.Ban on Highway.Ban on Jamat e islami etc are due to conditions which paved the way by PDP.many different issues we shopian people have.You have to cast your vote to Our leader Ga mir.
Khanday further said that in our manifesto we will fight for Removal of AFSPA, protection of Article 370 and KCC loans which Farmers have taken from banks.we assured all that these three things will be implemented after 10 days of Govt.

Qayoom Shah District president said that we people are facing different hardship and we fully trust our people will vote for Congress.we will make him win.

All India Congress youth wise president said that you people know what GA Mir did.he never thought that shopian is not my area.the electio is not for roads.which ex cm mehbooba come with her atrocities.when she laid a slogan that if any one will stop BJP that is PDP.but that was totally false.we are afraiding that we can’t move outside from jk.because we have been picked up by different agencies.because Pdp paved the way..

Mir further said that if BJP will come into power we they will abrogate article 370.we will fight till our last breath.we need your support.we are requesting you to cast your votes against these thugs.and we will stop their activities.Congress is the party which has given word and they proved.

Different schemes are being implemented. Like KCC and other they will abrogate The such just 10 days.and who are are unemployed they can avail 10 lacks of loan without any Guarantee.mir said.

I m requesting you all please vote for Mir for the last when tyere was coalition NC and congres if any was picked he was realised in 3 hours.and now we are watching psa and other things are easy.for that you have to cast your vote.

Congress is the only Party which will not do coalition with BJP.just once believe us we will do our best.we have to come again after 5 years.we are a family.


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