Elections2019: Will Faisal Be New Arvind Kejriwal in Kashmir?

Elections2019: Will Faisal Be New Arvind Kejriwal in Kashmir?

Srinagar 19 March : The decision of former bureaucrat Dr Shah Faisal to float a new political has triggered a transitional response from the people of the valley as some are terming it as a “strategic step of center” to attract the voter for upcoming election.

Shah Faisal while launching his political party promised that Jammu and Kashmir people movement will bridge the distance between New Delhi and Islamabad in order to resolve the Kashmir dispute and stressed his party has not come to engage on the traditional politics

Talking to Kashmir News Bureau about launching of another party in Kashmir Rameez Makhdoomi a political analyst said, “It is strategic step to divide the mandate of the regional parties of the state. After National conference passed a resolution of the autonomy in 1996 the then central government divided the mandate of the national conference as their slogan of the autonomy was more dangerous slogan for the government of India by launching the people’s Democratic Party to ensure the fractured mandate and avoid the absolute majority to any regional party. It is part of that strategy of   mandate division to avoid the absolute majority to any regional party.

“He further added we need an intellectual movement and every face should unite in unison to end the conflict which is destroying our society, launching of the new parties is only a blunder and will have no positive impact on Kashmir.”

It will have no immediate impact on the political scenario of the valley but may add to the vote percentage and turnout in the state especially in the valley of Kashmir” Sanam Aijaz a senior journalist said.

Another senior political expert talked on the issue said “it will only dilute the political landscape of the valley and no party may get the full majority to fully exercise its developmental policies, the 2014 general elections is an example in which the two parties with opposing agenda got the fractured mandate and formed the coalition government, which didn’t last for whole tenure. (KNB)


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