An act of Cowardice at LD Hospital Srinagar

An act of Cowardice at LD Hospital Srinagar

Every live and conscientious soul can understand and feel the pain of Kalaroos Kupwara family whose daughter was forced to give birth to its feotus on the road in this bone chilling cold of January. The pictures of parturition done under the open sky, sends shivers down the spine of every man irrespective of religious affinities and affiliations. I believe, the teachings of every religion teach us to safeguard the basic rights of humanity. Islam and Mohammadi Arabi Salallahu-alaihi-wasalam stands for the unconditional service of humanity. We have dozens of examples where prophet SAW and his Companions have shown exemplary compassion for their non-muslim neighbors. Then what prompted the medico to disown the poor pregnant lady who was in immense labor pain. Ironically, the doctor is a Muslim. The condemnable act is against and contrary to the teachings of Islam. Though the doctor might be a post graduate but is probably an ignoramus who is yet to read the basics of the book called humanity. It is an apathy to see an uneducated literate person who is there to be the owner of the appellation called ” Next to God “. I wonder if such heinous crimes are committed by non-muslims or athiests who do not believe in hereafter and the punishment there. Those who don’t consider themselves accountable to anybody, can’t imagine of such brutality.It is not the religious belief and the boastful sermons of pseudo Muslims who perform some rituals, It is rather the inculcation of values among people which makes them compassionate human beings who can feel the pain of others. The best thing to please the God, is to bring smile on a melancholic face. Here I am reminded of a couplet by one of the greatest Urdu poets of contemporary times – Qateel Shifayee, who says, ” Your attempt to restore smiles on a doleful face, is better than being a regular Namaazee “. Thus, the truest service of God is the service of mankind. How can a doctor deny a poor the basic rights of life.
It is a slap on our collective conscience. Something is surely wrong with our up-bringing and system. The doctor has surely climbed the ladder of degrees but has not learnt the abc of humanity. It is an eye-opener for all of us. Parents should take care of moral standards of their children as they worry about their academic standards.
Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed , color and religion in a public institution is unacceptable. Islam and humanity stands for brotherhood and equality. I regret the treatment meted out to the kalaroos lady at the tertiary care maternal hospital in Srinagar. I extend my sympathies with the bruised family but demand a Stern action against the medico for the coward act which resulted in the death of new born and brought unimaginable pains to the family in general and to the mother in particular.Had not the doctor denied her the legitimate space in the hospital, her baby could have been alive but the beast deprived her space which resulted in her irreparable loss. No doubt, Allah can bestow her with a new child, but is it the compensation of her loss ? No, not at all ; the doctor has murdered her baby, it has marauded her longings, it has strangulated her wishes. How can the doctor reimburse her 9 month long pain ? How can she be repaid by the administrative machinery? I demand an exgratia in her favor and a fine of at least 1,00,000 rupees which should be paid to the lady for the misery and agony she has gone through. Our judiciary particularly the Honorable high court should take cognizance of the matter and should pass directions for the compensation of the bereaved family.
The Gujjar remarks of the doctor are highly disgusting and ridiculous. Are Gujjars not human beings? Quran has verily said, ” The best among you are those whose deeds are good “. We all know that Islam stands for unprecedented equality of human beings. The racist approach of the doctor is very unfortunate and cruel. It is an ugly blot on the face of every society particularly on a Muslim society.
Blaming all the doctors for this dastardly act is something unfair and unjust.No doubt, the doctor has brought humiliation to the noble profession but we have many brilliant doctors who are not lesser than angels and Messiahs. We are not fedup or disappointed with our doctors but wish them to be good humans first. ” You have gone through the big books of medical science, you have burnt your midnight oil to earn you the seats but for God’s sake, read the basics of the book called compassion and sympathy. Without these virtues, you are robots who can only work not feel.
The hospital is attributed to our mother Lalded who has been an embodiment of love and sympathy for every Kashmiri irrespective of religion and faith. I believe that the recent act of barbarism at the hospital might has tormented her soul. These are not the values Lalded has taught the world. The infant who died instantly after parturition at the city outskirts of Bemina area by roadside, must be cursing the arrogant doctor.
This is not the first instance when arrogance and negligence of doctors has subjected commoners to pain. We have witnessed protests in the past against doctors for their inhuman activities in the hospitals. Let Authorities impose strict balances and checks in all our public service offices. Let there be accountability so that common masses suffer less. We request the people at the helm of affairs for the exemplary punishment to the guilty medico. May Allah compensate the miserable Family of Kalaroos Kupwara from his treasures !

The writer is a Teacher, Columnist, Poet, Orator and a Social Activist. He can be reached at


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