CDF Scam Comes To Fore In Kishtwar

CDF Scam Comes To Fore In Kishtwar

Politician-Officer Nexus Ruling The Roost On Public Money
Junaid Malik , Dar Mohsin
Kishtwar: In what could be termed as the biggest scam in recent times in the state of Jammu and Kashmir has surfaced in district kishtwar with an alleged embazellement of more than 30 million having been engulfed by politician and officers nexus without any execution of work on ground.
It has come to know from the reliable sources that a huge amount at the cost of state exchequer is being drawn from the government treasury with a share of booty for each officer and few politicians in an non execution period of time without any work on ground.The CDF Is being drawn to woe the voters in the coming elections with a meagre amount and lions share is being distributed among officers and politicians.
The gravity of the embazellement and nature of gory crime could be gauged from the fact that all the modelaties and terms have allegedly have been finalized even with those who rose objections and threatened to expose the scam. It has been learnt from the reliable sources that a secret meeting was arranged between an officer and a politician with later being silenced after promised a share from the booty.
An officer on the condition of anonymity did express his inability to stop this embazellement due to pressure from higher ups to go on the sharing based scam of CDF since few politicians are allegedly hand in glove to gobble the hard earned money of poor and tax payers money.
In the meantime ward member from ward no 6 kishtwar sajad najar who recently joined people’s conferance called a press conference and levelled serious allegations where in he stated that more than 2.80 crores CDF is being withdrawn In a non working season to gobble the money.He further reteirated that the said money should be utilized for the upgradation of town roads and construction of mid way huts and rest houses for the employees who travel on foot to reach marwah and Wadwan.
It has come to fore from reliable source that a senior politician and ex minister of previous coalition blew the lid and met a technical officer to ascertain the details.It has been learnt that the politician finally agreed to silence only after a certain share was promised to be given to him as well.Accordingly the decades old politician who has remained a minister in Omar Abdullah led cabinet went to oblivion after promised his due share.
It is pertinent to mention here that the CDF had always been the tool of alleged nepotism and bone of contention between the politicians and political workers.meanwhile sajad has requested probe in to the alleged scam and demanded a fair enquiry in the matter which has created ripples in political circles.


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