Rubayata is Kashmir’s youngest Author

Rubayata is Kashmir’s youngest Author

Rubayata Umeed is the youngest writer from Kashmir, who has created a history by writing a book at the early age of 14. A student of 9th class of Salfia Educational Institute Roseau Budgam, Rubayata hails from Kunzar Mulgam village of District Baramulla.
She is among those rare children who have authored a book at such a tender age. She has earned the fame over nights by becoming youngest novelists of Kashmir with her first novel WIZARDS X BEASTS.
The novel is a tale of two empires related with a galaxy which has been divided into two empires, Wizard Empire and Beasts Empire. Wizards and beasts live separately but later came in one rule. The book ‘Wizards X Beast’ talks about a story of a selfish queen who lost her beauty due to a curse from a witch. She started conspiring for restoring her beauty. During the whole story, queen engaged her team for a secret mission to earth to a beautiful girl and use her blood to restore her lost beauty. Finally, the story concludes with a happy ending and queen admits all her wrongdoings.
Rubeyata’s book, “Wizards X Beasts” has been published by Notion press, a self-publishing company based in Chennai, India. The book coasts only Rs.50 rupees. She says that her favorite country is Japan. In her first book the whole ascent, the characters are of Japanese origin and their names are of Japanese. It seems that the whole story is written in Japan. She is impressed and fascinated by the lifestyle and technology of Japan.
She spends most of her time in studying, imagining and writing about her favorite characters. Rabayata said, “The idea of the novel came from Japanese Enemy show ‘Dance with Devil’ which i used to watch. And one more cartoon ‘Iyar’ which is novel based inspired me to write down the novels related my ideas.”
The story of her debut novel revolves around the galaxies of universe; it is entirely based on outer space imaginary characters. “I am more fascinated about galaxies so I decided to write the story about the outer space only. Each day I used to add more chapters to it and narrate the same to my cousins. Their curiosity in knowing the story further kept me going,” adds the young novelist.
Before writing novels she did write poems. She said, “I started writing in 2017 when i was only 7th class student. I wrote a poem titled ‘life’ which brought confidence in me for writing”.
She said that the situation in valley during year 2016 strokes an idea of life and she writes down a poem about the ‘life’. She says that her mother supports her and values her ideas and activities.
Dr Hameeda, her mother who is an Assistant Professor said that she seems simple but possesses special qualities. Soon after realizing Umeed’s writing potential, Dr Hameeda decided to publish her daughter’s book. It took Hameeda few months to contact the publishers and then begin the process of publication.
“She is calm, peace lover. All her activities carry a message. She is an intelligent student and loves to write. Her novel is purely her imagination. Suitable placement of words is really admirable. It seems the author is completely an expert but she is a young girl, her action is really praise worthy”, Dr Hameeda said.
Although Rubayata prefers to sit at home rather wondering here and there but her mother gives her full physical care and has brought a bicycle for her which she often rides to remain fit.
Rubayata believes that peace is the only solution to avoid war. She has decorated the walls of her room with the flags of different countries. She wants to tell people that if the countries remain united and peaceful there will be no option for war in the world.
Pen is mightier than sword as wisely coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton, but Rubayata believes that “pen is not the only option to put forward your emotions and ideas but talent is also there by which you can show love, hate, emotions and other things.” She believes Painting, Singing, Films and other sports are the best way of presentations of yourself.
Rubayata is working on two more novels as continuing to the part of her first novel. She began to write another sequel of the novel titled as X- Beasts Trail up galaxy. In this book, she looks forward to create awareness about the various types of pollution and thereof how the earth is suffering a slow death.
“I am a nature enthusiast and things like global warming and pollution saddens me. I will be talking about these issues through my second novel so that I can do my bit regarding these grave environmental issues,” she adds. For Umeed the journey as a writer has just begun. She aspires to write more stories and books.


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